High Performance Heavy Duty Dishwashers

Our dishwasher range is great value and consistently reliable. These machines are easy to use and are all electro mechanical meaning there are no electronics. This makes the machine more cost efficient to service.

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18 Plate Under Counter Commercial Dishwasher

18 Plate Under-Counter Dishwasher

A powerful‚ high performance commercial dishwasher with a capacity of 18 full size plates. This machine can cope with heavy or constant throughput and has a wash arm at the top and the bottom of the wash tank ensuring a more powerful and effective wash. The wash cycle is 2 or 4 minutes and the longer wash is ideal for removing stubborn stains.

Model: DKDW-824
Weight: 67.00kg
Number of Plates: 18
Cycle Time: 2-4 Minute Cycle
Basket Size: 2 x 500mm baskets (1x Spiked 1x Flat)
Dimensions (w,d,h mm): 594 x 622 x 814
Power Supply: 20 Amp
Cold Rinse Option: Yes
Water Supply: Hot or Cold

£25.00 Rent Per Week
Optional Buy Now Price £1655.00

*Prices exclude VAT

18 Plate Commercial Dishwasher

18 Plate Pass Through Dishwasher

This superior‚ heavy duty dishwasher has a capacity of 18 full size plates per basket and is recommended for use in outlets with heavy‚ constant throughput. The 62P has 2 wash arms and 2 wash pumps to ensure an extremely powerful and effective wash.

Model: DKDW-62P
Weight: 138.00kg
Number of Plates: 18
Cycle Time: 1-2 Minute Cycle
Basket Size: 2 x 500mm baskets
Dimensions (w,d,h mm): 700 x 962 x 1474
Power Supply: 1 or 3 Phase
Cold Rinse Option: Yes
Water Supply: Hot or Cold

£48.00 Rent Per Week
Optional Buy Now Price £2795.00

*Prices exclude VAT

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Alma De Cuba

Steve - Bar Manager

"I am very happy with the customer service that I receive every time I call up, the maintenance with the machines and whenever we have a problem it is always dealt with within 24 hours."

Dough Pizza Kitchen

Liam - Head Chef & Manager

“DK Services are very officiant, I am really satisfied with the customer service, the problems that occur are dealt with straight away, I would definitely recommend.”

Barca, Mitre & Black Lion

Harry - Operations Manager

“I’ve known and worked with DK services for around 10 years now. Consistently over the last 5 years. They look after 3 of our business’s smallest being 1 glasswasher machine and 1 dishwash machine, largest being 6 glass wash machines and 2 dishwash machines. Their service is 100% from the girls in the office to the engineers visiting site they always look after us and deliver a great service. If they can’t fix the machine they’ll happily send a new one and I can’t fault that one bit. They say a business starts from the top and you can tell the staff are well looked after because it shows in the service they deliver. I’d recommend them to any business big or small, best customer service by far!”

The Laundrette

Jon - Founder

“We really like working with you. Both maintenance wise and supply wise you are fantastic for small businesses and start-ups like ours as opening Restaurants and bars is a very expensive business. By using you for all our equipment needs saves us large amounts of money at the start that we can really use in other areas. Ongoing maintenance is always very costly and can cause huge problems in restaurants when a vital piece of equipment goes down So having you on call saves any down time, especially as you carry most parts in stock."