Advantages of Commercial Dishwashers

Commercial dishwashers tend to be among the most popular items of bar equipment available on the market. Alongside devices such as commercial ice machines, drink cooling fridges or their twin appliance, glass washers, these implements are an increasingly essential part of any commercial kitchen, and provide invaluable assistance to kitchen staff in the performance of their duties,

It therefore comes as no surprise that bar equipment suppliers such as DK Services see such demand for this type of machine. Commercial dishwashers tend to be some of the most consistently sought-after items in the catalogue of any bar equipment provider, and our company is certainly no different in that regard.

The popularity these kinds of devices enjoy is not at all unwarranted, either. Much to the contrary, the advantages of commercial dishwashers to bar equipment managers and staff alike are tangible, plentiful and well-documented, and stretch even beyond the obvious benefits readily apparent to layman customers and shared with domestic dishwashers.

As specialist bar equipment providers with an established reputation to uphold, we here at DK Services like to make sure our customers are well informed about the products we stock, and how they can be advantageous to the functioning of their commercial space. Likewise, we understand that while many of our customers are well versed on the topic of bar equipment, others may be less informed, or perhaps less experienced, and thus not fully aware of the benefits an implement such as a commercial dishwasher might bring for their business. That is why, in the spirit of keeping our customers informed and aware of the benefits of the type of bar equipment we provide, we have taken it upon ourselves to round up some of the main advantages of commercial dishwashers, and list them in the lines below.


Like most items of bar equipment, commercial dishwashers are built to last and withstand considerable wear and tear, as well as regularly high operational volumes. When compared to a regular dishwasher found in the average western home, commercial dishwashers stand out for being considerably sturdier, and built to both last longer and work for longer periods of time each day.

In fact, a single commercial dishwasher, even a smaller-sized one, is able to perform more than thirty washing cycles a day without suffering damage or breaking down altogether, a number domestic dishwashers are still a considerable way from being able to match. The advantages of this are two-fold, as bar managers can purchase smaller models for their kitchens, thereby saving up on both space and energy, without necessarily losing out on volume or efficacy in the trade-off.

In addition, the sturdier build of these types of items when compared to traditional domestic dishwashers makes them excellent value for money for bar and restaurant managers, as it ensures an extended lifespan even under heavy usage. As such, and unlike what might have happened with a ‘regular’ dishwasher, said business owners will likely not have the need to replace these implements on a regular basis, allowing them to save money in the short term.

Shorter Cycles

Similarly, as well as handling a higher number of loads a day than traditional washing machines, commercial dishwashers tend to have shorter wash cycles than their domestic counterparts. The average wash cycle for a commercial dishwasher, even one on the smaller side dimension-wise, ranges between four and six minutes, as opposed to the several hours a domestic washer would take to perform the same task!

The advantages of this in the context of a commercial catering or drinks establishment go without saying. Reduced washing cycles make it possible for bar staff to go through all the cutlery, glasses and plates in a relatively short amount of time, thereby allowing them to process their workload more efficiently and respond to the demands of the job more effectively.

Power Efficient

Last but not least, commercial dishwashers stand out for being among the most power efficient pieces of bar equipment available on the market. A smaller-sized commercial dishwasher will typically consume as little as ten to fifteen watts of energy per wash cycle, giving it the distinction of having one of the best power-efficiency ratios out of not only any piece of bar equipment, but most appliances overall.

Again, this efficiency represents a significant boon for bar and restaurant managers, who will have overhead costs and bills to worry with at the best of times and are sure to welcome any opportunity to save up on costs. Energy-efficient bar equipment, such as small or large-sized commercial dishwashers, go a long way towards helping a business achieve this goal, so low energy consumption should be considered one of the advantages of commercial dishwashers, as well.


When all the traits mentioned above are taken into consideration, either separately or as a cohesive group, the advantages of commercial dishwashers to a bar or commercial kitchen become self-evident. There is a reason this type of item continues to be as popular as it is with bar, restaurant and pub managers, and the factors detailed in the paragraphs above certainly play a large part in giving it its glowing reputation. DK Services certainly experiences significant demand for our commercial dishwashers, either from customers wishing to buy one of these items from us or wishing to make use of our popular long-term rental service, and we definitely encourage most of the business managers contacting us to add one of these items to their array of back-of-bar appliances.

Whether or not this article has managed to convince bar and restaurant managers to invest in an item such as this, however, we hope it has at least been effective in making customers aware of the advantages of commercial dishwashers. Alongside implements such as ice machines, glass washers and drink cooling fridges, these types of washers are one of the essential accessories for even a moderately busy commercial kitchen or bar, and hopefully this blog post will have made it apparent exactly why and how that is the case.