Bar Equipment FAQs: What Are Some of the Common Issues With Drinks Coolers?

Drinks coolers are among the most useful pieces of bar equipment and an omnipresent fixture behind the counter of bars, restaurants or pubs of all sizes and descriptions across the world.

As with any piece of bar equipment, however, drinks coolers sometimes malfunction or fall victim to mechanical fault. While usually quite sturdy, these items are not unbreakable, and it is important that pub landlords or bar managers know how to spot and identify an accident. For that purpose, the lines below list some of the most common issues these items are affected by, and give an overview of the effects of each one.

Badly Set Thermostats

This is not a mechanical fault per se, but is a common enough occurrence to warrant mention. A thermostat that is set too low will hold the compressor too long, and cause icing at the back of the unit, requiring adjustment. A truly faulty thermostat, on the other hand, will not cool at all, and will require the intervention of a bar equipment specialist in order to be repaired.

Broken Door Seals

Broken door seals decelerate the cooling process by compromising the airtight sealing of the unit, thus both wasting unnecessary energy and causing icing at the back of the unit. Most broken seals can be fixed by either pushing them back in or unscrewing the seal frame and repairing them manually. In the case of the latter, customers are advised to call upon a bar equipment specialist, as DIY fixing can make matters worse.

Blown Lights

This is perhaps the easiest issue to fix when it comes to drinks coolers, and simply requires unscrewing and replacing the fluorescent lamps on the roof of the unit. Unlike the other issues mentioned in this article, this one will not require the intervention of a bar equipment specialist; a DIY fix will be perfectly acceptable.

Armed with this knowledge about how and in what way their bar equipment can malfunction, bar and pub managers can be ready for any eventuality! Here at DK Services all bar equipment is tested and checked for quality control at the highest level so be assured that you will be getting a the best appliances delivered to your door. Contact us here for any questions and one of our trusted advisors will guide you through the process.