What Services Should Bar Equipment Suppliers Provide?

In a society where food and drink establishments play an increasingly important role, it should come as no surprise that bar equipment suppliers are in high demand. High-end machinery can constitute a significant advantage in any kitchen or back-of-bar area, and with more and more managers catching on to this fact, it is only natural that suppliers of this type of equipment should be in high demand.

Indeed, tools such as industrial dishwashers, glass washers or ice making machines can help expedite the daily workload of kitchen and bar staff, both by taking any number of menial tasks off their hands – thus freeing up their daily schedule – and by reducing waiting times for said tasks. Washing a pile of dishes or glasses can take a human employee several minutes which he or she could be putting towards customer service or meal prep, but with the help of this type of machinery, this type of task can be completed in minutes, not only allowing the employee to concentrate on his or her other tasks, but also improving response times for requests such as clean dishes, glasses or cutlery.

That aspect is what has led to this type of implement becoming more and more in-demand amidst bar, pub and restaurant managers, and conversely, to bar equipment suppliers such as DK Services to take on a more important and prominent role within the catering and restaurant industry. Nowadays, companies like ours are called upon to service businesses of all kinds and sizes within the field, and tend to become, more than a provider, a partner to their customers.

This is because, for the most part, bar equipment suppliers tend to offer a far more diverse array of services than simply the sale of back-of-bar machinery. Due to the sensitive nature of this type of equipment, many of these companies are also called upon to provide complementary, after-sale services, which extend their relationship with clients far beyond the initial one-time sale. In this blog post, the bar equipment specialists here at DK Services will be attempting to give an overview of the different types of tasks a company like ours is usually asked to provide, and as such, should make sure to include in their list of offered services.

What services should bar equipment suppliers provide, then? The lines below will attempt to provide an answer.


A Multi-Faceted Approach

Bar equipment suppliers such as DK services know customer service for the type of machinery they provide goes far beyond ensuring a sale goes through without complications. Many customers would rather not have to resort to a different company for after-care on their dishwasher, ice machine or drinks cooler, and as a result, many bar equipment suppliers find themselves taking a multi-faceted approach to their duties.

Typical services which bar equipment suppliers do or should provide include:

  • Bar equipment sales;
  • Bar equipment loan;
  • Bar equipment repair;
  • Bar equipment replacement;
  • Bar equipment upgrading.

The lines below will go over each of these functions in-depth.

Bar Equipment Sales

Sales are, evidently, the first and foremost service bar equipment suppliers should offer, and the one most of their income is likely to be generated from. As noted above, back-of-bar machinery can be highly specialised, and thus hard to find in general appliance shops or even online retailers. As such, bar equipment suppliers assert themselves as the main places in which to find this type of machinery, and as a result, tend to be in high demand among bar and pub managers.

Evidently, the sales aspect of a bar equipment expert is not limited to simply ensuring each customer gets the piece of equipment they want; these professionals also tend to be required to offer insight and recommendations on the best or most appropriate items for each customer, as well as deal with any complaints or returns which may arise.

Bar Equipment Loan

Some bar equipment suppliers, such as DK services, also offer a rental service, for bar and restaurant owners are less willing to invest in a machine without assessing the benefit it could effectively bring to their establishment, or simply unable to afford the purchase of such a piece of equipment.

While this type of service is not necessarily mandatory to offer, the advantages of providing it to customers should be self-evident; a loan agreement, especially one with a view to an eventual purchase, is mutually beneficial. By having the option to hire bar equipment, bar and restaurant managers can assess the quality of bar equipment suppliers’ machinery without having to incur the full expenditure of purchasing the item upfront. At the same time, the company itself will not only still be profiting from the agreement, but also hopefully making a name for itself as a trustworthy and flexible supplier of bar and kitchen machinery, confident enough in their quality to allow customers to ‘test-drive’ their products!

Bar Equipment Repair, Replacement and upgrading

Bar equipment repair, replacement and upgrading are perhaps the three key aspects of the ‘after-sale’ side of bar equipment suppliers’ duties. As mentioned above, back-of-bar or kitchen implements are internally complex, and as such, repair on this type of machine should only be attempted by professionals, and tends to be costly.

By offering to look after the items they sell at buyer-friendly rates, bar equipment suppliers not only allow customers to save some money, but also assert themselves as offering good customer service, an aspect which can help with brand awareness, word-of-mouth and potential customer acquisition. Similarly, by offering to replace a defective item free of charge or for a small fee, companies such as DK Services emphasise their focus is on customer service, rather than simply profit.

Certain companies extend the scope of their bar equipment repair to include repair and upgrade and modernisation services on items from other companies. This service is also worth offering, as it establishes the company as caring about customer service, rather than just profits, and could well contribute to gain them new customers if carried out correctly. From the customer side, this type of service can ensure a bar or restaurant stays up-to-date with their equipment whilst saving up on the money necessary to buy a brand new item, as opposed to upgrading an existing one.


The lines above provide a few answers to the question of what services should bar equipment suppliers provide. While far from a comprehensive list, the section above touches upon all of the main types of services these types of companies tend to make available to their customers, and offer an explanation as to why each of them is important.

Here at DK Services, we pride ourselves on offering almost if not all of the services detailed above, and we are certain that that is one of the main factors making us one of the leading bar equipment suppliers in the North West!