Working For You – Bar Equipment Suppliers

Are you in need of something from our bar equipment suppliers, but you’re not able to make an outright and expensive purchase in your current situation? There’s no need to worry – our rental service has you covered!

We’re top bar equipment suppliers that have made sure that we’re more than ready to provide the finest rental service no matter what, aiming to supply a tremendously flexible solution to getting your hands on the finest stock we have when you’re limited either by budget constraints or time. With no minimum contract and a wide variety of fantastic prices from £7 per week upwards, plus a low initial payment that guarantees you won’t ever be breaking the bank to get the essential appliances you need, there’s definitely a rental deal for everyone waiting here for you at our bar equipment suppliers!

You’ll be getting two regular services per year to ensure everything is in order, as well as no charge for delivery, installation and even on spare parts should something be unexpectedly awry. What’s more, you won’t have to pay any call out or labour fees, as you’ll have the option of returning anything you get from our bar equipment suppliers at any time and you’ll always be able to claim any rented appliances against tax if you’d like.

So drop us a call! Getting in contact allows you to tell us all about the specifics of your situation, allowing us to work out the very best way that we can be of service and meet your every need and requirement. As a leading bar equipment suppliers we offer nothing less than the most bespoke approach no matter what, especially when it comes to providing flexible rentals that work for you.

Simply make DK Services your number one choice for bar equipment suppliers, and you’ll find that we’ll be able to get you everything you need before you know it. You can find our contact details online, so don’t wait to get in touch as soon as you can.


Working For You – Bar Equipment Suppliers